George has been a member of Crouch Valley koi Section for over 12 years.
The pond was deepened in 2005. It now contains 15 000 gallons and is is 32 ft.x16 ft.x6 ft. It has an irregular ‘D’ shape with brick walls above ground and a pond liner. Most of the work was done by friends from C.V.K.S.
Three bottom drains feed 2 filters which comprise of 2 sets of 3ft diameter three pod vortexes with Answers on both, the second chambers contain 200ltrs fluidised K1and thethird Jap Matting. They are in separate a filter house adjacent to the pond.

The pipework: 4inch pipes to filters 1.5inch mid water returns with option of diverting to water splash returns. Two Aquamax 12000 on filters. Add on filters one 200ltrs barrel filled with Jap Matting one home made 4 step trickle tower with 75ltrs Crystal-Bio.

Two skimmers powered by Grunfos c/h pump to water splash return. AHiblow 40 supports the filter system and a Hiblow 80 supports air stones in pond and the filter. Water enters through Hilux purifier