Crouch Valley Open Show 2017 – Cancelled

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As many of you may know, the Crouch Valley Open Show 2017 has been cancelled despite all the hard work of Pondy and Alan to try and make it one of the best of past years.

There has been much speculation for the reasoning so below is some background information on what happened.
Just below the Chairman’s letter is a scanned copy of the reply Graham has had back from Mr Fish of the Basildon County Council (Envrionmental Health)

Letter from the CVKS Chairperson

Over the past month, I have made numerous phone calls & sent emails to try and obtain a Pet Traders Licence for the club so that we could hold an Open Show which would also allow invited Koi Dealers to sell fish, we used to have a licence in 2002 / 2003.
I have also spoken to Gary Pritchard, Dave Baker, BKKS Show chairman Archie Dick with an aim to get more information regarding obtaining a licence.

The main communication has been with Mr Fish of the Environmental Health Services at Basildon Council as he is the Licencing officer.

I did not apply for a licence as it would obvious from the many conversations with him we would not get a one and the application alone was £260.
If we were to apply and get turned down, we would be able to appeal, but that would mean going to the high court which would involve Barristers / Solicitors etc and be very expensive to the club which we could not afford.

I have suggested to Alan that he approaches Rochford Council as they have just allowed a Budgie Show which is covered by the same legalisation that the Koi shows are covered by.

I have forwarded the final letter from Mr Fish below for your information.


Graham (Chair, Crouch Valley Koi Section)


Letter from Mr Fish (Basildon Council Environmental Health)


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