Our club calendar is packed with weekend events from early May to late September with a broad range of activities. Including the monthly meetings that we hold with activities at every meeting, you can see there is always something happening.

Monthly Meetings 2017

Jan18th AGM Annual General Meeting
Feb 15th Open forum General get together to talk about the Club’s activities for 2017
Mar 15th Frasier Smith Taking a look through Microscopes
Apr 19th Ashley Dart
A talk about Polish Koi
May 17th Paul Spraclin
Gardening with Succulents
Jun 21st
Show & Grow “The Return” Grow and Show competition 2016 results evening. Venue @ Gerry’s Garden
July 19th Lee Burns
Koi Health & Medication
Aug 16th An Evening with Paul Spraclin An Evening with Paul Spraclin in Benfleet and hopefully a visit to Chosen Koi later
Sep 20th Adam Byer talk
Adam talks about Breeding Koi in the UK
Oct 18th Mark  A Talk by Mark from cuttlebrook Farm about Koi keeping
Nov 22nd Annual Photo Competition New format Photo competition continues – You have to be In It to Win IT!
Dec 20th Christmas Special If you’re sober, come along to our Christmas Special

Social Events 2017

Apr 29th Saturday Collect Grown & Show Fish – Now confirmed – 1pm at Dave & Diane’s place
May 7th Sunday Spring Koi Auction (Barleylands) – Setup Saturday 6th @ 2pm – Please help
Jun 10th Saturday Beginners Class – Basic handling / Medication for Koi
Jun 18th
Sunday Kangei Koi Club Pond Visit us – Other members welcome to join, ending in a Barbecue
Jul 9th
Sunday Hall Place & Gardens – A visit to see this stunning Tudor House plus 2 local koi dealers in Kent
Jul 22nd / 23rd Sat/Sun Crouch Valley Open Show 2017 – Cancelled due to lack of license
Jul 23rd  Sun Cuttlebrook Farm Open Day – See new Marisa Koi & See the selection process
Aug 13th
Sunday CVKS Open Ponds – A visit to the local ponds in the area plus Barbecue/buffet 
Sep 10th Sunday Autumn Koi Auction (Barleylands) – Setup Saturday 9th @ 2pm – Please help
Sep 17th
Sunday Visit Kangei Koi Club Ponds –  A return visit to some of the members of the Kangei Koi Clubs members ponds