Please use the contacts provided to gain information relevancy to the club events or for advice or information.

Contact Form

You can either send us a Contact form which will be passed onto the relevant member of the committee or you can contact them directly using the numbers below.

Chairperson Graham Hall
(07710 224986)
General club issues & all matters concerning the Auctions
Secretary Linda Hurley
(07973 774587)
General club issues
Treasurer Chris Bellinger
(01268 780761)
Membership Secretary Darren Hepple
(07754 124966)
Membership matters
Webmaster Ian Franklin
(07446 954938)
Website and Forum admin
P.R.O. Ian Frankin
(07446 954938)
Publicity information, Magazine & Newsletter contributions
Social Secretary Gerry Edwards
(07748 903631)
All Social Calendar Events
Closed Show Chairman
& Equipment Officer
Alan Hurley
(07973 774587)
Closed Show Information and Equipment
Merchandise Tony Thompson
(01375 409584)
Club Merchandise
Committee Member George Simmons
(07951 202627)
Grow and Show Competition
BKKS REP Judith Wiseman
(01702 523941)
BKKS Rep.,Newsletter Distribution
Chairman (CS 2015) Alan Hurley
(07973 774587)
Show Chairman – 2015
Vice Chairman (CS 2015) Andy Pattern
(07921 176105)
Show Vice Chairman – 2015