Prior to Covid preventing get togethers, a regular feature of the CVKS Calendar was a beginners day for new members (and a reminded day for members feeling “a bit rusty”)

With the restrictions behind us and the Crouch, very pleasingly, attracting new members, 2022 saw the return of this popular event. One of our members, Andy P, recorded the day.

At midday on Sunday May 22nd, a few of us descended on Tony’s pond in Stanford Le Hope to enjoy a beginners course, with a few of our more experienced members explaining the hows and whys of koi handling and treating.

Three of Tony’s fish were caught, sedated, scraped and treated – A big Shiro Utsuri, A big Showa (both with areas of aggravated raised scales) and a Kohaku with minor abrasions. All the fish were treated, came round ok and were returned to the pond for Tony to monitor over the next few weeks.

A microscope allowed us to check for parasites to establish if they were present and could be the root cause of the problem.

A point noted by some was the amount of time a fish can spend on a damp towel after sedation being more than enough to clean, treat, protect the damage and if necessary, inject the fish, without the panic of having to get the fish back in the water. NOTE – Preparation is key!

A great afternoon with nice weather, hot tea and cakes.

Thanks to Tony (our Chairman), Graham (who helped run the event and treat the fish) and all the members who attended.

Special thanks to the small blue Japanese garden gnome and his koi keeping manual who oversaw all the operations.

Enjoy the photos from the afternoon.