Your koi fix during lockdown

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Are you stuck in lockdown and missing your koi fix? Well here are some suggestions to offerings available on YouTube that will help with your craving. Remember, in addition to watching YouTube on your smart phone, tablet of laptop, if you have a smart TV, you may be able to access it on that and view on the “big screen”

Hope you enjoy

Mark Gardner – Many of you will be familiar with Mark’s work and his web site but he also has a YouTube channel and includes lots of footage of his first attempts at spawning koi last year and now includes his latest spawning project for 2020. Find him on YouTube at

Quality Nishikigoi – Quality Nishikigoi is a dealership based in Warrington and on their YouTube channel you will find lots of footage of their trips with customers to Japan. Find them on YouTube at

The Koi Partner – Check out this site for videos of the Koi Partner as he explores breeders and shows in Japan.

Koi Japanese Koi Nishikawa – This is a fascinating insight into a chap who has worked on koi farms for many years, going it alone. It’s in Japanese but the sub titles make it easy to follow

Koi Nerding – Kevin Ellis Many koi hobbyists will be familiar with Kevin’s “warts and all” documentation of his hobby and whilst his channel these days focuses on his carp fishing, there is a “back catalogue” of koi videos to be found

Cuttlebrook Koi Farm – Mark Davis from this UK koi farm is well known to Crouch Valley members and his YouTube site has some interesting content about their set up, fish and tips on keeping koi

Select Nishikigoi – The Koi Channel of Select Nishikigoi is primarily videos of koi Deron Simons has purchased but there is also some footage of him harvesting his mud ponds in Japan that you may find interesting

Koi TV – Whilst not in all in English, there is some easy content to follow on this channel

Aquatechnobel – Whilst not in all in English, there is some easy content to follow on this channel

Fitz’s Fish Ponds and Sacramento Koi – An couple of offerings from the US and

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